Task 87

Our Plumbers are Licensed Master Plumbers Qualified in Covered Task 86/87

Qualified Operator Standards

In addition to mandatory safety inspections required under Task 86 / 87, New York also maintains mandatory operator qualification standards for all persons working in gas inspection and pipeline work. For example, the law only permits the following persons to maintain gas pipes:

  • Licensed master plumbers (LMPs) and those journeymen/apprentices are assisting LMPs who also are qualified gas operators and who work under the LMPs’ licenses. Journeymen must apply to become qualified operators.
  • To become a qualified gas operator, LMPs and their employees must complete a 7-hour course. They must also complete both a written and practical examination. Mandatory drug testing is part of the qualification process.

The law requires all LMPs to verify their qualified operator status before carrying out inspections under the law.

What does Task 86 / 87 cover?

When it comes to gas piping maintenance and repair, Task 86 / 87 covers the following jobs:

  • gas pipes installation
  • interior pipe systems flush
  • creating piping connections for interior pipe systems
  • constructing meter heads
  • constructing meter bars and
  • constructing pressure regulator vents

Expanding the inspection jurisdiction

Piping and meters can fail due to corrosion or other natural deterioration. The Task 86 / 87 inspectors look for gas leaks on all jurisdiction piping using a calibrated tool and visually inspect for atmospheric corrosion. The new rules relating to the inspection process apply to meters that are inside the building as well as outside. All inspections must comply with state and federal regulations.

Task 86 / 87 inspections are carried out at no cost to customers.

What does Task 86 / 87 require you to do?

The Task 86 / 87 law requires the following:

  • You must give access to your home so inspectors can carry out Task 86 / 87 inspections on meters, piping, fittings, wires, and works.
  • Ask for proper identification from the inspectors, including requiring them to show their badge and their written authorization to inspect your home.
  • You may request an inspection time that is more convenient for you.
  • You must not interfere with a Task 86 / 87 inspection. If you hinder an inspection, you may be fined $100 for each offense.